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Last week Michael and I escaped the quickly approaching winter cold by taking a trip to Ticino— the southern most canton of Switzerland. Ticino is on the other side of the Alps, right next to Italy, and in fact, the people in this part of Switzerland speak Italian. This time of year, its only a couple degrees (celsius) warmer, but full of sunshine, unlike the mittelland where fall is characterized by dense seas of fog.

To get to where we would be staying in Vosa, we first took a 4 hour train that went through the mountains and into… Italy!

Then another train east, back into Switzerland— into Ticino —with sunshine and a view of the mountains the whole time.

Once in the city of Locarno, which lies in a valley between two mountains, we took a bus up the side of one of the mountains…

Then a cable car to the other mountain, because this side of the valley doesn’t have any roads…

THEN after a small hike on this side of the mountain, we arrive at last in Vosa di Dentro.

Vosa di Dentro is a wellness center of sorts, created by two men— Peter, a cook, and Johannes, a gardener —in their early 20s with the vision of making a place that is so beautiful that it heals from the inside. 30 years later, that is exactly what this place does for the criminal youth that are sent here for a time out and a chance to turn their lives around. What we found here was a beautiful, self-sustaining oasis made with a lot of love and care, and filled with symbols of spirituality and creativity that radiate peace and healing from every little nook & cranny.

“Versuche nicht mich zu führen, es könnte sein, dass ich nicht folge.
Laufe mir nicht hinterher, es könnte sein, dass ich nicht führe.
Geh neben mir und sei mein Freund.”


“Do not try to lead me, it could be that I don’t follow.
Do not try to follow me, it could be that I don’t lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend.”

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  1. Claude

    9 Dec 2012

    Your post, Not 100% Wrong — Vosa di Dentro, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Claude!


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