Trust Issues

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Those that know me, truly know me, know that I. Don’t. Like. Chipmunks. The ones in Bar Harbor are coddled & cooed over so much that they are now ballsy enough to try to take food right off of the plate in front of me! I don’t believe in feeding a wild animal just because its cute (next thing you know, you’re this chick). You might ask: “But Aditi, how can you possibly be scared of something so cute?” The boy who patiently consoled me over Skype all day because I unearthed two baby rabbits sleeping in the garden and was too scared to touch them, might be better equipped to answer that question, but my only answer is this: cute things must not be trusted.

Considering this natural disposition, it is no surprise that when I discovered small holes dug all around my garden (as well as any and all potted plants left outside) this summer, and caught these furry fiends in the act, I was not the least bit happy. Along with my suspicions that they were eating planted seeds (or in some other way a scapegoat for my unsprouted seeds), and my grudge for not having been able to enjoy a single strawberry all spring on their account, these holes were just another addition to their long list of offenses.

But then, something unexpected happened— seedlings started emerging from these holes. Curiosity got the better of me, and so I let them grow. And grow they did! Into something quiet familiar. A little observation revealed that these punks would scare off all the birds hangin’ ’round the neighbor’s tree and collect all the spoils from the bird feeder. Giddy with the success of their raid and cheeks packed full, they would scamper on over to store their “nuts” in these little holes all over my garden. Little did they know that these nuts were actually sunflower seeds, and would soon end up sprouting instead (Ha! fools!).

And yet, I wonder if I’m not the one being fooled— with each blooming sunflower I can’t help but smile, and now when I see chipmunks digging around in the garden I secretly hope for more and more sunflowers! I’ve been duped! They’ve softened me up and broken my defenses (and all with a flower for Pete’s sake!) Clever little buggers.

Do not trust the chipmunks. You have been warned.

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