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In Switzerland, syrups are not just for mixed drinks. Most Swiss households will have a bottle or two of different flavored syrups to mix with water. Flavoring water seems like a strange custom to me in a place where fresh alpine waters are so easily accessible from every tap and fountain, but thanks to this strange …

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A bit of a mess granola bars

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Ok, so things in our little garden plot are a bit of a mess. Despite having a plan all drawn out, despite starting seeds early indoors, and despite all our best intentions and efforts, nothing seems to be planted where we’d planned, our early starts were devoured by slugs, we still don’t have all the …

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Spring Foraging

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Spring has finally arrived- not with the sweet scent of flowers in bloom, but rather the spicy, pungent smell of garlic! Whiffs of raw garlic can be caught all around the forests and even in town. The unexpected culprit of this astringent aroma is a little plant called Bärlauch. “Bärlauch” translates to “Bear Leek” which …

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